Let’s Bon Dance!

Wear a mask! Face the pandemic with the Spirit of Bon!

Although we have cancelled our Soto Zen Bon Festival, we will not forego a long-standing tradition.
We want to dance with joy, to be with friends and family, and to continue celebrating life!

Carry on with the Spirit of Aloha!

Since March of this year, our lives have been transformed,
so we used our Bon Dance towels to create masks and tote bags!

The masks are light-weight 100% cotton, doubled-up, with backing used from other parts of the towel. These masks are adjustable and not reversible.


1. When laid out flat, the front of the mask is the side with the slit.

Mask part open

2. Open the slit and push from the back to form a cup that will be the front of the mask.

mask open

3. Wear the mask and use the the beads on the elastic band for adjustment.

store the mask

4. To store the mask, store it flat, or use an origami type fold to shape into a lantern!
Most of our masks are of this “Lantern style.”

Sorry, we are all SOLD OUT on all items!

No more masks, no more tote bags.

Let’s Bon Dance!


LBD 1                                                             LBD 2
LBD original, flat pleated                              LBD Lantern style


        Crest or Mon


CLS 3                                                          CCS 4
Crest Lantern Style                                    Crest Cone style

                                                                      Small size




HLS 5                                                       SZLS 6
Hanapepe Lantern style                          Soto Zen Lantern style


We also have a Bon Dance tote bag that is used to carry the Spirit of Aloha,
while you are dancing or just enjoying the celebration.
The tote bag is approximately 8″ x 8″, with a shoulder strap and drawstring closure.

Bag 7
Tote bag



Special rates for Kauai residents only

Masks ………. $10.00

Tote Bag ….. $20.00

Towels for sale … $5.00 per + shipping

To order, fill out the page 1 form to register your information. 

On page 2, skip the Items area and leave it blank. 

Under the section, “Please let us know if you have any questions,” write in your order of towels, then submit.

A confirmation email will follow. Order will be processed within 3-5 days.

 No phone or text orders.
Payments by check to “Kauai Soto Zen Fund” or cash.
Payment & pickup/delivery will be arranged by phone.

A project initiated and supported by Kauai Kookie