All of us can celebrate Bon.

The spirit of remembering those who came before you is a universal theme.

At Zenshuji, we are continuing a tradition of displaying colorful pink chochins to remember and honor someone we know.

The Chochin Project supports the temple and ensures that the people we love are always remembered, especially during this special time of the year. The goal is to light up the temple with as many of these colorful lanterns as possible and in turn, fill our hearts with warmth and remembrances.

ANYONE can be honored, not only the deceased! And a person can be honored more than once, if desired by another person. For a one time donation of $25, you can sponsor your own chochin in a persons’ name.  Families may also be honored (e.g. Hirata Family, Smith Ohana), or groups  (e.g. Vietnam Veterans).

Last year, nearly 200 lanterns were strung around the temple.  These chochins are perpetual, so it will be displayed at our Bon Festival every year.